Implant-Retained Bridge – Seguin, TX

Eliminating Gaps with a Permanent Solution

An older couple laughing after learning good news and replacing their missing teeth in Seguin with dental implants

If you are missing consecutive teeth, you may be wondering what solutions are available that can bridge the gap in your smile. With the goal in mind of improving your aesthetics, you’ll also want to consider a treatment option that benefits your oral health. The longer vacated sockets remain untreated, the greater the chances of experiencing bone and tooth loss. You want something that will continue to stimulate your jawbone and prevent changes in your facial structure. At Seguin Dentures & Implants, Dr. Earnest can offer an implant-retained bridge to replace your missing teeth and give you a new and improved smile.

I’m Missing Two Consecutive Teeth

A single dental implant and two fused dental crowns

Using a single titanium implant, our team can place it into your jawbone and attach two fused dental crowns to the top. It will be necessary to undergo several months of recovery to ensure the implant fuses with your jawbone and surrounding tissues, but once you’re fully healed, the implant will continue to offer stimulation to your bone and provide a more youthful appearance.

I’m Missing Three or More Consecutive Teeth

A digital image of an implant-retained bridge replacing three missing teeth

If you are missing three or more consecutive teeth, we will need to insert at least two dental implants into your jawbone. This will create a solid foundation for your custom restoration, which will consist of three or more dental crowns. The two outer artificial teeth will connect to the dental implants while those in the interior will sit on top of your gums.

I’m Missing Multiple Teeth in an Arch

An older woman wearing glasses and seated on a couch after receiving her newly placed dental implants

Even if you are missing multiple teeth throughout an entire arch, Dr. Earnest and his team can identify the appropriate (and strongest) areas of your jawbone to place the implants. He will determine how many implants you need depending on the number of teeth missing. Once these are fully healed, you will receive a custom partial denture that will fit into place just like a puzzle piece, effectively restoring your smile.

Benefits of an Implant-Retained Bridge

A middle-aged woman wearing a purple blouse and smiling, showing off her new implant-retained bridge

Far too often, people setting for solutions that do not deliver the type of results the person truly wanted. The good thing about dental implants is that they are permanent, so if you do not want the hassle of dealing with a removable fixture or one that will require a replacement in only a few years, it’s best to opt for a stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting restoration.

Some of the benefits you’ll receive with an implant-retained bridge include:

  • Optimal oral health because of the continued stimulation to your jawbone
  • Improved strength and functionality when biting, chewing, or speaking
  • A more durable restoration that is firmly attached to your jawbone and tissues, functioning just like a regular tooth
  • Improved appearance and boosted confidence
  • A longer-lasting restoration that will last decades with proper care
  • Easy to clean and maintain